energy efficiency


durotex low grade G2-M5:

durotex high grade M6-F9:
The unique filter medium "filtex® DUROTEX" provides upmost Energy efficiency . This means, this filters have lowest initial pressure drop. The duration time up to the moment when the final pressure drop is arrived , is expanding.

Energy consumption of your air handling units and operating costs will decrease significantly.

This filter media is made of 100% synthetic fibre.
Hygiene Certificate - attests hygienic conformity to all current european standards.



This high-volume-media is manufactured with additional grammage (up to 80% more), extra deep and progressive structure. The air passage through the medium takes longer. This improves dust holding capacity and life time at low pressure drop.

The shape of the pockets is conical slightly. This prevents ground touching and contact to dust water and so on. Besides this makes filter change mor easy

The Filter media is made of 100% synthetic fibre.


Range of application:
Filtration with high obligantions on filtration effect combined with energy cost saving.
Pocket filters are the most commonly used filters for all kinds of air handling units, air conditioners or exhaust air devices, dust revoval systems e.t.c.
Applications with high hygienic demands. (hospitals, food industry, pharma industry, public buildings...)

Types - Filter classes - Medium:

TFP class G2- M5 medium filtex®DUROTEX L.G.P
TF... class G2- M5 medium filtex®DUROTEX L.G.
TFP... class M6- F9 medium filtex®DUROTEX

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•Filtermedium filtex® DUROTEX
•High energy efficiency
•Attested hygienic conformity
•Executions in base/flow/high flow/super high flow
•Filter frames in metal/hardwood/plastic
•All standard dimensions, special dimensions on request
•Technical data see TECHDOC or on request