explosion prevention

The media "filtex EXPLOS" has integrated thin metal stripes. The metal frame also has a grounding cable. Since 1.7.2003 the european law concerning explosion protection in air handling units canged completely. Air handling units must be subject to the EU- directive (94/9/EG ATEX95 (ATEX100a), ATEX 137 (ATEX118a)). Every explos pocket filter is supplied with certificate.



Application range:
Filterings of explosion-threatened gases, vapours, dust, media (solvent, dust...), like in painting plants, mills.....

Types - Filter classes - Medium:

TFS class G4-F9 medium filtex®EXPLOS

Filter medium filtex®EXPLOS
Explosion proof gem. EN1127-1
Frame material steel galvanized with grounding cable
All standard dimensions, special dimensions on request
Technical data see TECHDOC or on request