Assembling frames:
For pocket filters, filter cells, Bikini filters, compact filters e.g. with 20 - 25 mm or 50mm frame depth. Available in steel-galvanised or stainless steel. Foamed PU seal, closed -porous, correspondent with VDI6022. Service friendly fixing clamps allowe easy filter change. Different punching holes for easy mounting in the ventilation housing, or for to combine different assembling frames.



Application range:
For the attachment of the pocket filters in climate-or air conditioning appliances.
Also for the substitution of filter cells (in old air handling units) by pocket filters.

Basically we recommend the installation of frames for the filter change from the air inlet side.


RTF frame of galvanized steel complete frame incl. RTF fixing clamps 2x le und 2x ri
RTF fixing clamps single claps for Air boxes: Heizbösch, Rosenberg...

•High stability
•Easy to install
•Full tight circulating gasket
•Frame material metal galvanized, optional stainless steel
•All standard dimensions
•Techncal data see TECHDOC or on request