Repeating check-ups 13 AstV:
Do you know the necessary safety check up requirements for your company? As the owner of a air-ducting facility you are required to give proof of documentation and check-up.
In order to protect human and environmental safety in case of damage or fire the person in charge of the maintenance is personally responsible and accountable for this.
We are happy to provide consultation services and do all the relevant check ups for your company.
Check-up of air-duction facilities as in AAV-BGBL218. Proof of effectiveness has to be obtained at least once a year, as in (Extraction 16AAV, air-conditioning and air-ducting facilities):
Hygienic inspection VDI 6022:
The check-up VD 6022 targets the compliance with the hygienic standards. Through inadequate maintenance or undetected faulty operation contamination can happen to humans due to interaction with bacteria, dangerous dustparticles or fungus, that may lead to serious danger of health.
In context disease causing syndrome - "sick building" syndrom should be mentioned (to be check every 3 years, facilities with humidifying action every 2 years).
Repeated check-up 13 AStV                 annually                                                        
Hygienic inspection:
Facilities with humidifying action every 2 year                                                           
Facilities withouth umidifying action                                every 3 years
Humidifying water regularly




Expertise for air handling units and painting plant, spray booths.
Complete analysis of the system (person-process-filtration)
Identifying weak points and precise economical and technical suggestions for improvement
Further check ups:
Responsablitiy for clean air or liquids means not only delivery of high quality filters, but also the establishment of accompanying safety for the clients. Our responsibility begins at analysis (REM Raster Electronic Microscope to 0,1 ym or chemical analysis) and goes as far as the validation of filters of processes.

Check ups are tailor made for the individual needs and requirements of the respective company:

• Process validation-clean room technique
• Laboratory-harmfull substance analysis
• Examination of legionellaceae bacteria
• Measuring of emission
• MAK maximum accurate measuring at working place
• VOC values-check up
• Clean Room Qualification...