Total filter management-TFM optimizing process:
With the help of the patented optimizing process we delegate economic and quality improvement processes to in-company specialists. This way cost reduction and quality are optimized. The scanning process recognizes quality cost saver.

Through the consequent realization of QCS potentials, the company targets a longterm, measurable, comprehendable use. For many international companies in the car industry, clean room technique, pharma- and process-industry this way of in-company quality management is essential standard.
The fields of "process-person-filtration" in context are being analysed by specialists. Already at smallest movement of people, 30.000 particles are being dashed into the ambient air. What about the domestic air quality at the working place? Emissions? Quality of the surrounding air? Short filter interruptions? High cost of maintenance? Working clothes? Hygienic problems? How is your facility being maintained?
Already these few questions show, that is is essential to get an overall view. Missing a little detail can have great impacts on the costs. The TFM optimizing process makes all this transparent.

In the domain of the paintwork the main focus is on "dustfree varnish". First step: For dustfree painting ask for the Folder "how to test yourself"
In the industry the increase of safety and efficiency is relevant.
No matter in which sector, the use of a successful optimizing process always shows in traceable costeffectiveness and the increased company safety.